Functions & Powers

The Commission is also empowered to entertain and dispose of Revisions under Section 10 of the Act.

The Commission under Section 17 of the Act can take Suo Moto notice of failure to deliver services in accordance with this Act and refer such cases for decision to the First or the Second Grievance Redressal Authority and pass such orders, as may be appropriate. The Commission is also empowered to carry out inspections of offices entrusted with the delivery of the Services and recommend departmental action against the erring officers, change in procedure & process and to recommend additional services to be notified/ modifications in already issued notifications. The Commission can also impose penalty on the Designated Officers or any other official involved in the process of providing such services upto a sum of Rs.20,000/- and can also allow compensation up to Rs. 5,000/-, to be paid to the eligible person by the defaulter.

Where the commission is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to enquire into a matter arising out of the provisions of this Act, it may also, suo moto, initiate an enquiry in respect thereof for better implementation of this Act.

1. The Haryana Government in the first instance notified 163 services under the Act vide notification dated 07.05.2015 for time bound delivery and also notified the Designated Officers, First Grievance Redressal Authority and Second Grievance Redressal Authority as mentioned below :

Notification dated 7.5.2015 (in Hindi and English version)

In supersession of Notification dated 7.5.2015, the State Government issued another notification dated 15.02.2016 by adding some more services and increased the number of services from 163 to 195.

Notification dated 15.2.2016 in Hindi

Notification dated 15.2.2016 in English

The State Government has amended notification dated 15.2.2016 vide notification dated 1.6.2016 against Sr. No. 47 and also in respect of services mentioned at Sr. No. 189 by inserting point (v), (vi) and (vii) after point (iv). An-other amendment has also been made vide notification dated 14.6.2016 against Sr. No. 46 by adding one service of Excise & Taxation Department. Accordingly, total number of notified services has reached to 197.

Notification dated 1.6.2016 in Hindi and English

Notification dated 14.6.2016 in Hindi and English

Further amendments have also been made against Sr. No. 47 & in Sr. No 189 vide notification dated 1.6.2016 and also against Sr. No. 46 vide notification dated 14.6.2016. Accordingly, 197 services have been notified by the State Government till date.

Further amendment has been made by the State Government vide notification dated 30.6.2016 by adding one service of Excise & Taxation Department at Sr. No. 46 (A) in the notification dated 15.2.2016

Notification dated 30.6.2016 in Hindi and English