Frequently asked questions

1. When did the Haryana Right to Service Act come into force?

26th March, 2014.

2. What does Service mean?

‘Service’ means any service notified under the section-3 of the HRTS Act , 2014.

3. How many services are notified under HRTSC Act-2014? What are these services?

In the first instance 163 Services were notified on 7.5.2015. In super-session of this notification, 195 services have been notified vide dated 15.2.2016. An-other notification dated 01.06.2016 (amendment) has been issued notifying service against sr. No. 47 and in amendment in service at Sr. No.189 by adding point (v), (vi) and (vii) after point (iv) of notification dated 15.02.2016. An-other amendment has also been made vide notification dated 14.6.2016 against Sr. No. 46 by adding one service of Excise & Taxation Department. Accordingly, total number of notified services has reached to 197. The state Government has made amendment in notification dated 15.2.2016 by adding one service of Excise & Taxation Department at Sr. No. 46 (A) vide notification dated 30.6.2016 The list of notified services can be downloaded from the website of the Commission i.e. www.rtscharyana.org as well as from the website of Chief Secretary, Haryana i.e www.csharyana.gov.in
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Amendment List
1. Notification 1.6.16-Amending Sr. No. 47 & 189.
2. Notification 14.6.16 Amendment in Sr. 46
3. Notification 30.6.2016 Amendment as 46(A)

4. Who is the eligible person ?

A person/applicant who is eligible for obtaining services notified u/s 3 of the HRTSC Act , 2014 .
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5. How can I apply for the services under HRTS Act?

You can obtain the prescribed application performa from the designated officer of the concerned department or can also download from the website of the department concerned.

6. Within what time should the service be provided?

A list containing 195 notified services and time limit prescribed against the particular service can be seen / downloaded from the website of the Commission.
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7. Who are the Designated Officers? What are their duties?

“Designated Officer” means an officer as notified under section 3 of the HRTS Act in respect of relevant notified service. He shall provide notified service or reject the application within the notified time limit and in case of rejection of application, shall record the reasons in writing and intimate the same to the eligible person. He shall maintain detailed record of Services applied for in such format, as may be prescribed.

8. Who are the Grievance Redressal Authorities and what are their functions?

“Grievance Redressal Authorities” means an officer who is notified as such u/s 3 of the HRTS Act. On receipt of an appeal against the orders of the authority below, shall consider the matter and if in its opinion the grievances of the eligible person appears to be genuine, it may direct the authorities below to provide the service within time bound manner and in case of default, to appear before it in person and explain the reason thereof. The Grievance Redressal authorities shall pass a reasoned order in writing either accepting the appeal or rejection the same, and communicate the same to both the parties.
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9. How do I know that my application has been accepted?

A communication is to be sent by a Registered post / through E-mail in this regard.

10. Can my application be rejected by designated officer?

Yes, an application can be rejected by the designated officer, if the same is incomplete and or against the norms of the department concerned.

11. Is Application under HRTS Act free of Cost?

Presently, no fee for submitting an application under the HRTS Act has been prescribed. However, an eligible person has to make the payment of required fees/security to the department concerned wherever required.

12. Is there any fee for making an appeal?

Presently, no fee for making an appeal has been prescribed under the HRTS Act.

13. Where can I complain in case my application is not accepted or the service delivery is deficient?

Against the order of designated officer of the concerned department, an eligible person can prefer an appeal before the First Grievance Redressal Authority and against the order of First Grievance Redressal Authority, an appeal can be made before the Second Grievance Redressal Authority.

14. How long will 1st Grievance Redressal Authority take to decide my appeal?

An appeal shall be disposed of by the First Grievance Redressal Authority within a period of 30 days of its receipt.

15. How long does 2nd Grievance Redressal authority take to decide the appeal?

An appeal shall be decided by the Second Grievance Redressal Authority within a period of 60 days from the date of receipt of appeal, as far as possible.

16. I contact the Haryana Right To Service Commission direct?

Yes, an eligible person can contact the HRTSC direct in an emergent situation/ an extra ordinary circumstances.

Haryana Right to Service Commission

• 0172-2709050

• 0172-2711050

• 0172-2709050 ( Fax)

• For any assistance, call on above Phone number.

• Email Id: rtsharyana@gmail.com

17. Can I suggest to the Commission some changes / modifications in the service delivery mechanism? May I also suggest some new services to be brought under HRTS Act-2014?

Yes, everybody is welcomed to give his suggestions to the Commission for better delivery and notifying more services under the HRTSC Act.
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18. How can I contact the Commission for making any suggestions?

can send his suggestions either by post or through E-mail.
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