Haryana Right To Service Commission



    The Government of Haryana promulgated Haryana Right to Service Ordinance on 16/12/2013 and published the same in the Gazette on 19/12/2013. Thereafter, the Haryana Right to Service Act, 2014 (HRTS Act, 2014) was passed by the State Assembly and notified the same in the official Gazette on 26/03/2014.

    The Haryana Right to Service Act, 2014 was enacted with the sole objective of providing an effective frame work for time bound delivery of services being provided by various government departments under the State of Haryana in order to promote transparency and accountability. As per Section 12 (1) & (2) of the HRTS Act, 2014, there is a provision to constitute Haryana Right to Service Commission (HRTSC) and it shall be a statutory body. As per Section 13 (1) of the Act, this Commission will be consisting of 1 Chief Commissioner and upto 4 Commissioners to look after effective implementation of the Act. It is the duty of the Commission to ensure proper implementation of this Act and to make suggestions to the state government for ensuring better delivery of Services. The Commission has been constituted vide Notification Dated 31st July, 2014 issued by the State Government. For an effective implementation and to carry out the purpose of this Act, the State Govt. has also made the Haryana Right to Service Rules, 2014 and notified the same vide Notification dated 1st July, 2014.

    The HRTS Act, 2014 has empowered people to seek maximum advantage of services in a hassle free, transparent and time-bound manner through an effective service delivery mechanism. The services delivered within the prescribed time limits and without any hassle will enhance credibility of the government functioning. This will also fulfill the maximum expectations of the people with regard to rendering of services by the Government.