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    Auto Appeal System- AAS is a system which files an automatic appeal on behalf of eligible persons as soon as the notified timeline for the application of a service is breached and a facility to applicants to file appeals in other cases (for eg: unjustified rejection, non-satisfactory delivery of service).

    An eligible person can file an AAS appeal simply by calling on SARAL Helpline (0172- 3968400) or login into SARAL and filing an appeal after RTS due date of his application is breached or when his application is rejected or closed without actual resolution.

    As soon as RTS due date of notified service is breached and if the service is not delivered, an automatic appeal is raised on the behalf of eligible person to First Grievance Redressal Authority (FGRA).

    You can track your appeal on by entering your appeal reference ID.

    Yes, you can take a look at the Performance Dashboard of Auto Appeal System ( ) to get a glimpse of the appeals raised for different Departments.

    An appeal shall be disposed by the First Grievance Redressal Authority within a period of 30 working days of its receipt.

    An appeal shall be decided by the Second Grievance Redressal Authority within a period of 30 working days from the date of receipt of appeal.

    You can contact SARAL helpline at 0172- 3968400 between 7:00 am – 8:00pm (Monday to Saturday).

    Amendment List

    1. Notification 1.6.16-Amending Sr. No. 47 & 189.
    2. Notification 14.6.16 Amendment in Sr. 46
    3. Notification 30.6.2016 Amendment as 46(A)

    Haryana Right to Service Commission

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